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Clean Windows

Get Sparkling Clean Windows with Our Team!

Clean Windows are Essential for Health and Safety in the Workplace

Clean windows are not only good for the look of your business and preserving your view, they’re also much better for your employees’ morale and health.

How Do Clean Windows Impact Health?

The air inside our workplace can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. As a result of this increased level of pollution in an enclosed space, people with respiratory issues can experience breathing difficulties at work. This is harmful to their overall health, wellness and workplace morale. After all, who can concentrate if they’re congested, have itchy, watery eyes and a variety of other allergy symptoms.

Clean Windows

Mold and mildew, pollen and other irritants like dust can quickly and easily build up in window wells, frames, on window coverings and on the glass itself. When you’re busy at work, it may not be the first thing on your mind – until you notice dirty, streaky glass speckled with pollen, tree needles and even seeds. 

Continued exposure to moldy and mildewy window frames and screens clogged with dust and pollen can even lower the immune system response, leaving you and your staff more susceptible to cold and flu bugs. Clean windows are a simple way to combat this issue.

Professional Window Cleaning Services as Part of Your Regular Scheduled Maintenance

At Mayfair Building Services, we’re dedicated to clean workplaces and we know that cleanliness goes beyond clean washrooms and carpets. For over 30 years, we’ve been beautifying the glass-scapes all around Greater Vancouver.

Our professional window cleaners have a very important job. Not only do they keep the outside of buildings clean, but they also play a role in keeping building occupants healthy. Window cleaning is an essential part of the day-to-day maintenance of any commercial property because it removes all this harmful dirt, grime, and other particulates that can build up on windows over time. Of course, it also leaves you with unobstructed views to enjoy.

How to Ensure Commercial Windows are as Clean as Possible

Commercial windows need to be washed regularly, and without the right equipment, this can be a grueling and back-breaking job.

The most common way of washing windows is by using scaffolding. The scaffolding is moved up the side of the building, with the window washer using a squeegee to wash the windows. Professional window cleaners use a special detergent and water mixture to clean windows. They typically don’t use soap and water because it leaves streaks on the windows.

What Kind of Tools Do Commercial Window Cleaners Use?

Commercial window cleaners use many different types of tools to do the job. Some of these tools include squeegees, sprayers, brushes, and scrapers. There are also many other methods to clean windows, including water guns, water tanks on top of buildings, and pressurized jets of water. Commercial cleaners also use brushes and scrapers to remove stuck on paint or dirt from the surface of the glass.

How Do Professional Window Cleaners Stay Safe?

This isn’t a job for those afraid of heights! Have you ever watched a commercial window cleaner at work? It’s like a carefully choreographed dance, designed to ensure safety at all times. A window washer’s job is not easy. They can be at risk of injury from falls, ladders and window glass. A window washer needs to work safely and efficiently to provide this service. They often have to climb up to the top of the high-rise building, 3-4 stories high, while wearing a harness tied off at the waist. 

Won’t the Rain Wash Away the Dirt and Debris on My Windows?

Not exactly. Pollen and dust granules are extremely sticky and rain by itself (even torrential Vancouver rain) can’t do a thorough job on dirty windows. It also can’t get the window screens and dirty frames/channels cleaned out, which is a big part of our commercial window cleaning service. Even if you have freshly clean windows, dirty screens and frames will still impact your view and let those allergens continue to hang out near your workspace.

Our specially trained window washers use special eco-friendly detergents to scrub the pollutants gently and effectively off the glass, leaving you with a sparkling clean that you can see and feel. Our eco-friendly Dustbane cleaning products are non-corrosive, non-fuming, ammonia-free, petroleum-free and of course, gentle on the surrounding environment.

I Have a Very Large Building. Can You Help?

Absolutely. We’re well-equipped for even the largest facilities, with extendable cleaning poles, Genie scissor lifts, boom lifts and of course, window washers who are bonded and trained in working on high-rise platforms. Among our many happy clients are large shopping centres, apartment and condo complexes, public and private schools and high-rise complexes. 

Window washing is something best left to the pros, which is why we encourage you to contact us to discuss a window washing schedule and a custom office cleaning program that best suits your workplace hours and needs. We also offer one-time window cleans for the occasional touch-up. When your windows are streaky and coated with dust and other debris, you can trust our team to leave them spotless. Reach out by phone or email today to book your consultation!

Commercial cleaning services

How Commercial Cleaning Services Have Changed During the Pandemic

Since the Beginning of 2020, Expectations for Commercial Cleaning Services Have Shifted

It wasn’t that long ago that many professional businesses and offices faced temporary closure due to the lockdown. Unfortunately, the commercial cleaning service industry took a slight downturn in work, due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Businesses of all sizes all faced their own set of particular challenges. We all needed to adapt and shift our priorities by figuring out how to stay safe when going back to the job site. 

In 2021, commercial cleaning services and companies saw a large upswing in professional work. This is due in part to businesses reopening and employees returning to the office full-time.

As the pandemic carries on, cleaning and disinfecting have become a top priority for businesses and as a society, we’ve become more conscious about cleaning than ever before. The general public now knows quite a bit about the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitization and the merits of constantly cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces like checkout counters to avoid the spread of germs.

In fact, according to an article by Forbes.com, We’re now more clean-conscious than ever, and there’s a chance that we’ll stay this way long after the pandemic.”

Not only do clean and disinfected office buildings keep us safe from Covid-19 and other illnesses, it gives employees invaluable peace of mind. The air is cleaner, the surfaces they work on are germ-free and their worries about viruses are reduced, leaving them able to focus on their jobs. 

At Mayfair Building Services, we work hard every day and night to ensure the health and safety of your valued employers and customers. So, what are we doing to uphold your expectations at a time when things feel so precarious?

Commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning with Even Higher Standards

Commercial cleaning companies were used to cleaning behind the scenes. Now they are on the frontline of fighting against COVID-19. Basic procedures like wearing gloves and disinfecting surfaces aren’t enough for businesses anymore.  

As commercial cleaning experts, our professionally trained staff were well-prepared for the challenges that lay ahead with the pandemic. Today, we stay extra vigilant with constant communication with health agencies and government-mandated regulations as well as increased documentation. We also adjust office cleaning checklists to suit the needs and ever-changing business hours of your company.

Thorough Training

We focus on increasing the safety of our workers while protecting you and your employees by investing in effective training practices and equipment. We are constantly training our staff and keeping them updated as any changes happen. They are WHMIS certified, bonded and trained to use each piece of equipment, cleaning product and tool. Our staff are confident and efficient, so you can be assured that even the areas that are out of sight are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Highest Quality Cleaning Supplies and Procedures

Our commercial cleaning policies and procedures now reflect the challenges brought about by the virus. There will help us assess and pinpoint areas in your business that would require extra cleaning and sanitizing, plus how often it’s required. We seek out and buy higher-quality (hospital-grade) and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We use antibacterial microfibre cloths and towels, clean (or replace) all equipment and accessories between sites and use a careful combination of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting

Our employees regularly change gloves, masks, and face shields (top priority during a job) as often as possible to avoid cross-contamination. 

Precise and Thorough Sanitization

With COVID-19 emerging in early 2020, commercial cleaning needed to quickly adapt and meet new expectations. Sanitization and disinfection is now the highest of priorities. 

High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and shared counter space need to be cleaned multiple times per day depending on staffing, shifts and traffic. This also involves creating and updating new cleaning systems and schedules that focus on these high traffic areas (often the dirtiest areas) within the office building. 

Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Environment for the Returning Workforce

Now that employees are returning to work, there’s a much bigger risk of potential contagion in the communal workspace. COVID-19 and its various strains is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Also, as the public starts gathering in larger groups again, there’s the possibility of exposure to influenza, colds and other illnesses. Employees who are ending their remote work period want to know that they are safe to return to the office. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, employees will feel much more confident and less anxious about coming back. 

Every time an employee or customer steps into a business, they may be worrying about the potential risk of infection. Now more than ever, employees and customers take notice of how a business presents itself.  This is largely in part with how much routine cleaning is being done within a building. Beyond looking clean, they want to know that areas are being disinfected, frequently. This is why we have put state-of-the-art tools and procedures in place to ensure a safe working environment to protect against Covid-19 and other viruses.

Employees can certainly help by routinely washing their hands, wearing a mask as required, and wiping down their work surfaces frequently. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer definitely have their place as well. 

Expert Commercial Cleaning, Here to Stay

Here at Mayfair Building Services, we have always been focused on maintaining a germ-free workplace. In business for over 30 years in the Greater Vancouver area, our practice is constantly evolving to suit the times we’re living in and the changing needs and priorities of your business and employees. We have always offered premium commercial cleaning services and we will continue to offer premium services long after the virus begins to disappear. To book an initial consultation and discuss the optimal cleaning services and schedules for your business, please contact us by email or call our Burnaby office at (604) 439-0312.


10 reasons to hire professional cleaning company

10 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Why it Pays to Use a Professional Janitorial Service

10 reasons to hire professional cleaning company

If you manage an office, a strata building, a shopping mall or commercial space; one of your responsibilities will be to keep that space clean and hygienic. If janitorial work keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list, then consider hiring a commercial cleaning company instead.

Using a professional cleaning company will not only ensure a healthier work environment, but will also lead to long-term financial savings and increased productivity. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company?

Experienced cleaning companies can offer a combination of services to suit your needs; while offering bonus services that may only be required occasionally such as emergency clean-ups, post-construction cleans, outdoor pressure washing or snow removal.

The advantages of using a professional cleaning company include:

  • Insured and bonded 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning 
  • All products and equipment included
  • Commitment to client
  • Professional communication and fast response
  • Up-to-date equipment and techniques
  • Good vetting and security procedures for staff
  • Quality control

10 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

1. Increased productivity:  Work environments can have a huge impact on wellbeing and output. Studies have shown that workers are more productive and feel more valued in a clean space.  If the office isn’t clean, it can lead employees to feel stressed and unmotivated, resulting in lower productivity. Equally, requiring staff to do the cleaning themselves is not only a demotivator, but actually takes time away from their real work, which is a double loss for productivity.

2. A healthier workplace: The cleanliness of a workspace can impact the health of those who work and visit there in a number of ways. A regular cleaning schedule can help to:

  1. Reduce the spread of germs – a recent BC study shows 50% of workers don’t get paid sick days making it more likely they will come to work sick. Common and high touch areas can become breeding grounds for germs and should be sanitized regularly to prevent illness from spreading amongst the staff.
  2. Keep the air clean – airborne bacteria and dust can affect those with allergies and respiratory problems. Regular cleaning of carpets and upholstery will help reduce allergens in the air. 
  3. Prevent mould growth – mould grows quickly in damp and dirty environments and can trigger flu-like symptoms. Mould can easily be spread via HVAC systems, which should be cleaned annually.

3. Create a good first impression: A clean workspace is inviting, signals professionalism and gives a positive first impression of your business. Customers, clients and visitors are more likely to respond positively, stay longer, spend more and recommend your business or service to others if they have a good first impression. 

4. Save money: Hiring a professional cleaning company can lead to significant cost savings over time. Although there is a monthly financial commitment to hiring janitorial services, it can be significantly less than hiring an on-staff cleaner, paying benefits, buying the products required and hiring specialist equipment for specific cleaning tasks. 

Cleaning regularly can also reduce expenses by extending the life of flooring, blinds and other office equipment, meaning fewer repairs and replacements.

5. Higher quality cleaning: Commercial cleaning companies are experts in what they do. They know the best and most efficient ways to clean a space; use the latest cleaning techniques and have specialist equipment available to them for every task. Professional cleaning staff are fully trained and work to a pre-agreed checklist to ensure everything is done and nothing is missed.

6. Free up storage space: When you hire a commercial cleaning company, they bring all the supplies and equipment they need with them; meaning there is no need to have an on-site janitor’s closet taking up much-needed space in your building.

7. Safety and legal protection: A good professional cleaning company is fully bonded, insured and provides workplace protection for their team. This offers peace of mind and legal protection should something unexpected occur while they are on site. Professional janitorial staff are trained in health and safety, how to use potentially dangerous machinery and chemicals and the importance of confidentiality.

8. Consistency and flexibility: Your cleaning needs may shift throughout the year; for example, you may require more floor cleaning in the winter when it is wet outside. A commercial cleaning company will work with you on a schedule that works for you year-round whether you need daily, weekly or occasional help. 

9. Save time and reduce stress: Organizing and planning a comprehensive cleaning schedule, managing cleaning staff and ordering supplies takes a lot of time. Smart office managers, property managers and stratas hire professional cleaning companies to take care of the cleaning routine, leaving themselves more time to focus on other tasks.

10. Reduce pest infestations. Pests such as mice, rats, bugs and mites are drawn to areas with organic waste such as communal kitchens or waste disposal areas. Food or garbage that sits for a long time may lead to an infestation that can be expensive and take a long time to resolve. Keeping spaces consistently clean and free of waste will prevent this kind of infestation from happening.

Book a Professional Cleaning Consultation with Mayfair Building Services

Want to find out how hiring a professional cleaning company could benefit your business? Talk to the knowledgeable team at Mayfair Building Services today.

Based in Burnaby and serving the entire metro Vancouver area, Mayfair offers professional cleaning and janitorial services including:

Mayfair Building Services professional team of fully insured and bonded cleaners are all trained in WHMIS, use of commercial cleaning equipment and privacy. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for all high-touch areas to minimize airborne allergens.

To design a cleaning schedule that fits your organization’s cleaning needs and budget contact Mayfair Building Service today.

floor polishing vs buffing a floor

Buffing vs. Polishing for Commercial Floors

The Differences Between Polishing and Buffing a Floor… and When to Do Which

As a new business or office, you may be wondering about how you should go about cleaning your floors. In large spaces with many employees and customers or clients walking through, it might be needing a good sprucing up soon. We can help with that here at Mayfair Building Services.floor polishing vs buffing a floor

After cleaning your floors, it’s important to give them a good buffing or polishing at least once a month to keep them looking fresh. But what do these mean, and which method should you use? While either buffing or polishing will get the job done, there are clear differences between the two.

What is Floor Buffing?

Sometimes known as spray buffing, buffing uses a buffing machine that contains rotating pads, requiring it to move at a slower pace. Using a spray bottle, you spray the floor with a special solution that will fill in any nicks or cracks in the floor and get rid of smudges. Essentially, you are “buffing in” the solution and creating a nice, new shine.

Floor buffers usually come supplied with buffer pads that are specifically designed to take out any scuffs and other kinds of dirt or various markings. This helps to keep the floors looking their best and maintaining their sheen.

While spray buffing is the most commonly used method, there is also such a thing as dry buffing. Used with machines over 1000 RPM, dry buffing uses the mechanical action of the high speed to smooth the finish and remove marks without using any spray. You can also use this method after you’ve already buffed the floor once or twice with the spray solution. This way you can eliminate any excess spray that might’ve been left, which can leave the floor feeling tacky.

With both spray and dry buffing, the key is to move gently back and forth in a pendulum motion, lingering on scuff marks a bit longer. Make sure not to move the machine too quickly, as you want to allow enough time for proper buffing.

While cleaning should still be done beforehand, buffing is a great way to both clean and polish your floors simultaneously, as the machine contains cleansing bristles in the back. You can think of buffing as a sort of “exfoliation” for your floors.

What Does Floor Polishing Do?

Polishing, or burnishing, is similar to buffing, but not quite as commonly used in commercial cleaning. A polishing machine operates at a much faster pace than a buffing machine. With polishing, you’re basically taking off the top layer of the floor to create an even surface and bring back its glassy shine. 

Just like a buffer, a floor polisher creates a smooth surface on the floor that makes it look cleaner and brand new. But with polishing, the quality of the floor material might actually change a bit more, as an extra substance is added on top to protect it. Polishing tends to give more of that glossy, wet look, so at times, polishing is done after buffing to achieve more of that effect.

It’s also extra important that you prep and do a total clean—dust mop or sweep and then wet mop—before polishing your floor.

Which is better – Polishing a Floor or Buffing a Floor?

Either polishing or buffing is a great way to clean your commercial floors and keep them in top shape. They can even be used interchangeably, as well. On a larger industrial scale, both can get rid of chips and other imperfections, and both require specialized machines and care – particularly on floors with delicate material.

With that being said, polishing uses a heavier process to clear away the bumps and chips. Therefore, if you find that your floors just need a little touch up on some scuffs, buffing might be your best option. It can also depend on the type of flooring you have. Wood or laminate floors can be easily polished, while concrete floors are best cleaned with a concrete floor buffer and a concrete sealer to help improve their lifetime.

However, if you are still unsure which method is best, it’s always better to consult a commercial cleaning professional first so that your floors can last for their optimal time and don’t get accidentally damaged in any way.

If you are looking for a one-time, daily, weekly or monthly clean for your floors or anything else, look no further than our team at Mayfair Building Services. We offer expert janitorial services and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep your workplace both squeaky clean and environmentally conscious. Our whole crew is not only trained, certified and specialized in a wide variety of cleaning techniques, but also bonded and insured as well.

If you’re in the greater Vancouver area and need a floor or carpet clean or an all-over deep clean, we can help! Contact us at Mayfair Building Services today to get started and talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

dirty workplace habits

Top 7 Bad Workplace Habits

Unhealthy Workplace Habits Introduce Harmful Germs into Your Workspace

At Mayfair Building Services, we’re experts on clean and we specialize in keeping office spaces and retail spaces at their best. From floor to ceiling, we’ll have your workspace looking and feeling clean and fresh. That said, there are some steps that you and your co-workers can take to ensure that your workplace is a healthy space for everyone. 

Bad Habits in the Workplace Can Impact the Health and Safety of Yourself and Your Colleagues

1. Eating at your deskdirty workplace habits

Experts agree that mindful eating is important for our physical and mental well-being. Not only is skipping your lunch break and wolfing down your sandwich a recipe for indigestion, keyboards are notorious crumb-catchers. Eating at your desk can leave all sorts of debris behind, result in spills and the introduction of bacteria. For meal and snack breaks, give yourself a real break and stretch your legs while you enjoy your food outside of the office. If you need to eat at your desk once in a while, be sure to wipe up all crumbs with a clean, dry microfibre cloth and then sanitize with a clean, damp microfibre cloth. At the end of the day, give it another once-over to be sure there are no “leftovers”.

2. Keeping old food in the communal fridge

Someone is always going to be stuck cleaning out the staff fridge. Maybe it’s the temp, or the intern, or maybe you have a rotating chores list for staff. Forgotten sour cream from the Mexican take out down the street, the half-eaten salad from last week, or even Tina’s tuna sandwich that got shoved to the back of the fridge… these things do not age well. Food that’s past its prime can very easily introduce germs and bacteria into the staff fridge. Not only does it look and smell horrible, but it can contaminate the kitchen, making you sick. Encourage everyone to remove their leftovers and food containers at the end of every workday. Make a rule that the fridge must be emptied out at the end of every week, except for the communal coffee creamer or condiments.

3. Not washing hands after using the bathroom

Not washing your hands after using the washroom can mean that everything you touch afterwards can become contaminated with germs, particularly e-coli. Experts now believe that not washing your hands after using the toilet can be more unhealthy than eating raw meat! So, do yourself and everyone else a favour and always wash your hands with soap and water after you go. Wash between your fingers, your wrists, tops of hands and under your fingernails as well and use a clean paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door to keep your hands squeaky clean.

4. Not using disinfectants between cleanings

Depending on the schedule you’ve chosen for your janitorial service, you may need to do some DIY disinfecting between cleanings. High touch areas should be given a quick wipe down at the end of the day, or during shift changes. These areas include doorknobs, faucets, light switches, the staff coffee maker, microwave handle and anything else that is frequently touched and used.

5. Going to work while sick

It’s tempting to try to tough it out and not have to use a valuable sick day, but by going to work while ill, you increase the chances of a longer recovery period for yourself. When we’re sick, we feel run down and tired because our body is asking for rest to be able to fight the cold or flu you’re struggling against. Not only that, but chances are good that you’ll spread the illness to your coworkers or boss! No one wants to be exposed to germs at work, so if you’re under the weather, fight the urge to soldier on. Stay home and enjoy your rest.

6. Grooming at your desk

Not only is it strange, but it’s also unhygienic. Filing nails, clipping toenails, brushing hair, doing your makeup, etc… at your desk looks unprofessional. Even if you’re in a rush, your best bet is to practice your grooming routines in the privacy of your own home or the staff bathroom.  Especially if you have a shared workspace, you really won’t want your hair and makeup brushes to touch the desk surface and then touch your face or hands. Also, anything with a scent should generally be left at home. That goes for nail polishes and colognes/perfumes since the scents and ingredients can affect others with sensitivities and allergies.

7. Letting your trash pile up

Your cold-brew cup and straw, snack wrappers, used tissues, and other paraphernalia can quickly fill up a small wastebasket and recycling bin. It’s easy to let it pile up and take it out when it’s full, but for best results, you’ll want to clear out your personal waste at the end of every workday. Insect and vermin love crumbs left from lunch, or those dregs of your 11 am coffee. The last thing you want to deal with while checking the daily reports is an army of sugar ants on the carpet or a pesky housefly buzzing around. Keeping your bins emptied will also reduce the risk of accidentally tipping them over and spreading bacteria and germs that quickly attach themselves to waste. The less garbage at your desk, the better.

Dirty workplaces impact productivity and employee health and morale. When you’re looking for commercial cleaning services for your business, you can trust Mayfair Building Services. Our trained and certified cleaning crew is bonded and insured and specializes in a wide variety of cleaning techniques. 

We also offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get and keep your workplace at peak cleanliness, without the use of any harmful chemicals and cleaning products. Whether you need the occasional carpet cleaning or require a frequent and thorough clean, contact us at Mayfair Building Services to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff today!

bad cleaning company using residential stone cleaner

8 Ways to Tell Your Cleaning Company Isn’t Doing a Good Job

Your Office Might Look Tidy, But Is It Really Clean?

Regular office cleaning is an investment in the health and safety of your staff. Beyond health and safety, the image that your business presents is especially important for its reputation. If you feel like your workplace isn’t clean enough, listen to that gut feeling.

Commercial cleaning businesses should always leave the building fresh and spotless. Their job is to go beyond the basic tidying up. Industry trained staff can get at all the grit and grime that builds up throughout the busy workdays. If the carpets still look dingy or you’re noticing dust in hidden corners, you may not be getting your money’s worth and your carpets might be susceptible to germs. Read on for 8 ways to tell whether the company you’ve hired is white – glove worthy or not.


1. They Don’t Have Insurance

This is a must. Commercial cleaners must have insurance to protect you (and them) from anything that might happen while on the job. They should also have comprehensive insurance. This should cover transportation, worker’s compensation, liability and include an umbrella policy. Be sure to verify any insurance policy so you know your company is covered.


2. They Don’t Use Commercial Grade Products

bad cleaning company using residential stone cleaner

Commercial settings call for cleaning products tailored to each area. A reputable janitorial company will use the highest-quality cleaning products and tools. Household products are only meant for lower-traffic residential settings. In any business setting, you’ll need specially formulated products.


3. They’re Rushing Through the Job

Which brings us to our next point. If the team seems like they’re in a rush, it’s possible that you’re not getting the sanitized, fresh environment you need and expect. When your cleaners come in to vacuum and shampoo the carpets, they need ample time to follow proper procedures.

If they’re hurrying, areas are likely to be missed. This could mean that high touch points like doorknobs aren’t disinfected. It could also mean that they’re skipping carpet cleaning or vacuuming. Read our blog for some great tips on how to keep the carpet looking great between scheduled cleanings.

It’s important that enough time is scheduled for the thorough clean needed for your workplace. Some cleaning products and chemicals need time to absorb and settle before they’re wiped off. If this isn’t happening, you’re not getting the clean you need. Life happens, but a quality cleaning service should always be on schedule so there’s no need to rush.


4. The Janitorial Closet is Messy and Not Properly Stocked

Look at the supply closet. Is it restocked with paper towel, toilet paper, garbage bags and other daily use products? If this is part of your contract, your janitorial company should be restocking these items.

Also look at the condition of the tools being used. Equipment like mops, brooms, sponges and any other accessories should be replaced often. They should also not have any major signs of wear or tear. For example, if your mop head is discoloured and stringy, it needs to be replaced asap.

If cleaning products are kept on site, they should be topped up after each visit. Time spent re-mixing chemicals and hunting down the proper tools takes away from time spent on your next appointment. This means that the cleaning professionals might be having to rush to get to the next job.


5. They Can’t or Don’t Work With Your Schedule

There are few things more disruptive than being invaded by office cleaners in the middle of a task. If an employee is on the phone or finishing up a client meeting, it can be distracting to have the environment change.

For everyone’s sake, it’s a good idea to schedule between office hours. This will let the cleaning team have full access to each room and surface. If this isn’t possible, it will be tough for them to be able to meticulously scrub and sanitize all the areas that need it. For best results, try to schedule your appointments for a time when the office is empty.


6. You Don’t Often See the Same Faces

Some companies may have a lot of turnover, which is a red flag. If their employees aren’t happy, they won’t feel dedicated to the task at hand. Companies who are constantly losing employees also tend to suffer from reduced manpower. This increases the workload for the cleaners while also decreasing the time spent taking care of your space.

This also makes it hard to ensure that each team member is properly trained. Janitorial service staff who are familiar with a space will know the best way to wash and sanitize each area most effectively. Having been to the building many times before, they’ll have a solid routine.


7. You Notice Cleaning Product Residue

When you open shop in the morning, you need to be able to snap into your routine, without having to worry about cleaning residue or streaky glass. The last thing you want is to have to do a tidy-up job after the janitorial staff has come and gone. If this is happening, you’re not getting the quality you deserve.


8. They’re Hard to Reach

If you have questions or concerns and are unable to communicate with the company, this is a problem. A company that was all too happy to start a contract with you should be available to answer any questions you may have. Anything else signals complacency and this is a sign that they may not value you as a customer.

Communication should be easy and you should be able to quickly resolve any issues. If you’re feeling forgotten, it might be time to look elsewhere for your cleaning services.


If your cleaning company isn’t meeting your expectations, look to Mayfair Building Services for outstanding commercial cleaning services. With over 30 years of experience, our professional, fully trained and certified employees can handle everything from industrial cleanup to office floor cleaning. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for complete peace of mind. We serve the entire Greater Vancouver area including Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley and White Rock. Contact our Burnaby office today at (604) 439-0312 to get started.

Dirtiest places in the office - desktop

The Dirtiest or Germiest Places in the Office

These Areas Should be the Focus of your Office Cleaning Efforts

The average office worker spends 40+ hours a week at the office, so it’s important that it’s a clean, healthy environment. When it comes to office cleanliness, there are some obvious places for germ collection. The first ones that come to mind for many people are the staff washroom and the computer keyboards. True, those are among the top absolute germiest places at work, shown to harbour E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph and Norovirus (a close relative of Covid-19). However, there are still quite a few other tricky areas you may not think about, like cabinet handles or the start button on the photocopier.

The Staff Kitchen

Coffeepot handles, the brew button on the Keurig, the fridge handles… not to mention the fridge itself, are all hotbeds for illness-causing germs and bacteria.

The kitchen sink is another area that needs to be cleaned and sanitized regularly, including that nasty sponge that hasn’t been replaced in months. If the sponge is still in decent shape, squeeze it out, run it under fresh water and pop it into the microwave for 2 minutes. It’ll be sanitized and ready to go. Do this every day to keep from unintentionally spreading germs to staff dishes, including the coffee mugs. Replace the sponge every two weeks and replace washcloths daily to make the kitchen a much healthier space.

Speaking of coffee mugs, they’ve been found to be big carriers of germs, so it’s a really good idea to have each staff member stick with one favourite cup. These mugs should also be thoroughly washed daily with the clean sponge or put through the dishwasher on a hot water cycle.

The fridge is another common culprit and should be cleaned out regularly, removing any food past its prime, moldy containers, dried up spills and anything else that doesn’t belong.

Basically, any high-touch surfaces should be sanitized daily or even more frequently. This includes handles, faucets, cabinet doorknobs, microwave buttons, the watercooler and anything that is used frequently.

DesktopsDirtiest places in the office - desktop

Moving to where the magic happens. Desktops receive heavy use, as do the tools on top of them. The phone handset, mobile phone, pens, computer keyboards and mice should all be sanitized daily, whether that’s by the user or a reputable cleaning company like Mayfair Building Services.

Our mobile phones travel everywhere with us, and we’ve all heard by now about how they’re dirtier than a toilet seat, so before you plunk it down on your desk, it’s a good idea to give it a wipe down. On the subject of phones, headsets are a great way to help lower how much a phone’s handset is being touched and keeping the keyboard clean will definitely help to keep your workstation clean. Try this to clean your keyboard:

  • Unplug (if corded) and turn the keyboard upside down. Gently shake out any debris
  • Use a can of compressed air to remove anything else that might be stuck between or under the keys
  • Wipe down the keys and surrounding spaces with disinfectant (a mix of bleach and water works perfectly—see directions below)

The Main Office

Areas in the main office spaces to consider are the photocopier, which often serves as the office “watercooler”, mail equipment, doorknobs, stair rails and elevator buttons.

Basically, you’ll want to focus once again on the high-touch areas that are touched by many different people throughout the day. It’s not pleasant to think about, but especially during a pandemic, you’ll want to be vigilant about keeping the space as clean as possible.

Staff members might want to keep a pack of sanitizing wipes at their desk to help them do everything they can to avoid the spread of germs—particularly during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the cold and flu season.

The Staff Washroom

Bathrooms can be gross and that goes double for staff washrooms that get used all day, every day. The doorknob, any stall handles, faucets, paper towel dispensers and other high-touch areas should be sanitized daily and deep cleaned regularly.

Because germs are sprayed out every time a toilet flushes, it’s a good idea to have toilet lids installed to stop that from happening. This prevents the spray from hitting the counters, sink, faucet, and anywhere else within close range. Staff members can also use a piece of paper towel to turn the faucets on and off, and to open and close the door. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer and hand soap within reach to encourage staff to wash their hands and sanitize after using the washroom.

It’s not a lovely subject, but it’s important to know how to identify and prevent those germ havens in the office environment. The good news is that nearly everything in the workplace (check manufacturer directions to make sure) can be given a good swipe with a sanitizing wipe or paper towel and a bleach solution.

Try this mixture to make your own basic disinfectant and keep a few bottles handy throughout the workplace.

  • Mix ¾ cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water
  • Dip your cloth or paper towel and wring out the excess, leaving it damp instead of dripping
  • Wipe down all the surfaces thoroughly
  • Let the solution sit on the surface for 5 minutes
  • Dip a new cloth or paper towel into warm water, again wringing out the excess
  • Wipe the bleach solution off the surfaces


With the demands of the workplace, it can feel daunting to take on the responsibility for keeping the office sparkling clean and thoroughly sanitized. Particularly now, when many workplaces have lower staff numbers and are extra conscious about keeping everyone safe and healthy, it can feel like a major job. That’s why it’s our job. We focus on making your workplace as healthy as it can be, so you don’t have to. At Mayfair Building Services, we will take the stress and worry out of getting and keeping your workplace as clean as it can be. Whether you need a one-time, daily, weekly or monthly deep clean, we have been experts in the commercial janitorial industry for over 30 years in the Metro Vancouver region. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.