How Commercial Cleaning Services Have Changed During the Pandemic

Since the Beginning of 2020, Expectations for Commercial Cleaning Services Have Shifted

It wasn’t that long ago that many professional businesses and offices faced temporary closure due to the lockdown. Unfortunately, the commercial cleaning service industry took a slight downturn in work, due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Businesses of all sizes all faced their own set of particular challenges. We all needed to adapt and shift our priorities by figuring out how to stay safe when going back to the job site. 

In 2021, commercial cleaning services and companies saw a large upswing in professional work. This is due in part to businesses reopening and employees returning to the office full-time.

As the pandemic carries on, cleaning and disinfecting have become a top priority for businesses and as a society, we’ve become more conscious about cleaning than ever before. The general public now knows quite a bit about the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitization and the merits of constantly cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces like checkout counters to avoid the spread of germs.

In fact, according to an article by, We’re now more clean-conscious than ever, and there’s a chance that we’ll stay this way long after the pandemic.”

Not only do clean and disinfected office buildings keep us safe from Covid-19 and other illnesses, it gives employees invaluable peace of mind. The air is cleaner, the surfaces they work on are germ-free and their worries about viruses are reduced, leaving them able to focus on their jobs. 

At Mayfair Building Services, we work hard every day and night to ensure the health and safety of your valued employers and customers. So, what are we doing to uphold your expectations at a time when things feel so precarious?

Commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning with Even Higher Standards

Commercial cleaning companies were used to cleaning behind the scenes. Now they are on the frontline of fighting against COVID-19. Basic procedures like wearing gloves and disinfecting surfaces aren’t enough for businesses anymore.  

As commercial cleaning experts, our professionally trained staff were well-prepared for the challenges that lay ahead with the pandemic. Today, we stay extra vigilant with constant communication with health agencies and government-mandated regulations as well as increased documentation. We also adjust office cleaning checklists to suit the needs and ever-changing business hours of your company.

Thorough Training

We focus on increasing the safety of our workers while protecting you and your employees by investing in effective training practices and equipment. We are constantly training our staff and keeping them updated as any changes happen. They are WHMIS certified, bonded and trained to use each piece of equipment, cleaning product and tool. Our staff are confident and efficient, so you can be assured that even the areas that are out of sight are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Highest Quality Cleaning Supplies and Procedures

Our commercial cleaning policies and procedures now reflect the challenges brought about by the virus. There will help us assess and pinpoint areas in your business that would require extra cleaning and sanitizing, plus how often it’s required. We seek out and buy higher-quality (hospital-grade) and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We use antibacterial microfibre cloths and towels, clean (or replace) all equipment and accessories between sites and use a careful combination of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting

Our employees regularly change gloves, masks, and face shields (top priority during a job) as often as possible to avoid cross-contamination. 

Precise and Thorough Sanitization

With COVID-19 emerging in early 2020, commercial cleaning needed to quickly adapt and meet new expectations. Sanitization and disinfection is now the highest of priorities. 

High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and shared counter space need to be cleaned multiple times per day depending on staffing, shifts and traffic. This also involves creating and updating new cleaning systems and schedules that focus on these high traffic areas (often the dirtiest areas) within the office building. 

Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Environment for the Returning Workforce

Now that employees are returning to work, there’s a much bigger risk of potential contagion in the communal workspace. COVID-19 and its various strains is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Also, as the public starts gathering in larger groups again, there’s the possibility of exposure to influenza, colds and other illnesses. Employees who are ending their remote work period want to know that they are safe to return to the office. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, employees will feel much more confident and less anxious about coming back. 

Every time an employee or customer steps into a business, they may be worrying about the potential risk of infection. Now more than ever, employees and customers take notice of how a business presents itself.  This is largely in part with how much routine cleaning is being done within a building. Beyond looking clean, they want to know that areas are being disinfected, frequently. This is why we have put state-of-the-art tools and procedures in place to ensure a safe working environment to protect against Covid-19 and other viruses.

Employees can certainly help by routinely washing their hands, wearing a mask as required, and wiping down their work surfaces frequently. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer definitely have their place as well. 

Expert Commercial Cleaning, Here to Stay

Here at Mayfair Building Services, we have always been focused on maintaining a germ-free workplace. In business for over 30 years in the Greater Vancouver area, our practice is constantly evolving to suit the times we’re living in and the changing needs and priorities of your business and employees. We have always offered premium commercial cleaning services and we will continue to offer premium services long after the virus begins to disappear. To book an initial consultation and discuss the optimal cleaning services and schedules for your business, please contact us by email or call our Burnaby office at (604) 439-0312.