10 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

Why it Pays to Use a Professional Janitorial Service

10 reasons to hire professional cleaning company

If you manage an office, a strata building, a shopping mall or commercial space; one of your responsibilities will be to keep that space clean and hygienic. If janitorial work keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list, then consider hiring a commercial cleaning company instead.

Using a professional cleaning company will not only ensure a healthier work environment, but will also lead to long-term financial savings and increased productivity. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company?

Experienced cleaning companies can offer a combination of services to suit your needs; while offering bonus services that may only be required occasionally such as emergency clean-ups, post-construction cleans, outdoor pressure washing or snow removal.

The advantages of using a professional cleaning company include:

  • Insured and bonded 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning 
  • All products and equipment included
  • Commitment to client
  • Professional communication and fast response
  • Up-to-date equipment and techniques
  • Good vetting and security procedures for staff
  • Quality control

10 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

1. Increased productivity:  Work environments can have a huge impact on wellbeing and output. Studies have shown that workers are more productive and feel more valued in a clean space.  If the office isn’t clean, it can lead employees to feel stressed and unmotivated, resulting in lower productivity. Equally, requiring staff to do the cleaning themselves is not only a demotivator, but actually takes time away from their real work, which is a double loss for productivity.

2. A healthier workplace: The cleanliness of a workspace can impact the health of those who work and visit there in a number of ways. A regular cleaning schedule can help to:

  1. Reduce the spread of germs – a recent BC study shows 50% of workers don’t get paid sick days making it more likely they will come to work sick. Common and high touch areas can become breeding grounds for germs and should be sanitized regularly to prevent illness from spreading amongst the staff.
  2. Keep the air clean – airborne bacteria and dust can affect those with allergies and respiratory problems. Regular cleaning of carpets and upholstery will help reduce allergens in the air. 
  3. Prevent mould growth – mould grows quickly in damp and dirty environments and can trigger flu-like symptoms. Mould can easily be spread via HVAC systems, which should be cleaned annually.

3. Create a good first impression: A clean workspace is inviting, signals professionalism and gives a positive first impression of your business. Customers, clients and visitors are more likely to respond positively, stay longer, spend more and recommend your business or service to others if they have a good first impression. 

4. Save money: Hiring a professional cleaning company can lead to significant cost savings over time. Although there is a monthly financial commitment to hiring janitorial services, it can be significantly less than hiring an on-staff cleaner, paying benefits, buying the products required and hiring specialist equipment for specific cleaning tasks. 

Cleaning regularly can also reduce expenses by extending the life of flooring, blinds and other office equipment, meaning fewer repairs and replacements.

5. Higher quality cleaning: Commercial cleaning companies are experts in what they do. They know the best and most efficient ways to clean a space; use the latest cleaning techniques and have specialist equipment available to them for every task. Professional cleaning staff are fully trained and work to a pre-agreed checklist to ensure everything is done and nothing is missed.

6. Free up storage space: When you hire a commercial cleaning company, they bring all the supplies and equipment they need with them; meaning there is no need to have an on-site janitor’s closet taking up much-needed space in your building.

7. Safety and legal protection: A good professional cleaning company is fully bonded, insured and provides workplace protection for their team. This offers peace of mind and legal protection should something unexpected occur while they are on site. Professional janitorial staff are trained in health and safety, how to use potentially dangerous machinery and chemicals and the importance of confidentiality.

8. Consistency and flexibility: Your cleaning needs may shift throughout the year; for example, you may require more floor cleaning in the winter when it is wet outside. A commercial cleaning company will work with you on a schedule that works for you year-round whether you need daily, weekly or occasional help. 

9. Save time and reduce stress: Organizing and planning a comprehensive cleaning schedule, managing cleaning staff and ordering supplies takes a lot of time. Smart office managers, property managers and stratas hire professional cleaning companies to take care of the cleaning routine, leaving themselves more time to focus on other tasks.

10. Reduce pest infestations. Pests such as mice, rats, bugs and mites are drawn to areas with organic waste such as communal kitchens or waste disposal areas. Food or garbage that sits for a long time may lead to an infestation that can be expensive and take a long time to resolve. Keeping spaces consistently clean and free of waste will prevent this kind of infestation from happening.

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Mayfair Building Services professional team of fully insured and bonded cleaners are all trained in WHMIS, use of commercial cleaning equipment and privacy. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for all high-touch areas to minimize airborne allergens.

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