Get Sparkling Clean Windows with Our Team!

Clean Windows are Essential for Health and Safety in the Workplace

Clean windows are not only good for the look of your business and preserving your view, they’re also much better for your employees’ morale and health.

How Do Clean Windows Impact Health?

The air inside our workplace can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. As a result of this increased level of pollution in an enclosed space, people with respiratory issues can experience breathing difficulties at work. This is harmful to their overall health, wellness and workplace morale. After all, who can concentrate if they’re congested, have itchy, watery eyes and a variety of other allergy symptoms.

Clean Windows

Mold and mildew, pollen and other irritants like dust can quickly and easily build up in window wells, frames, on window coverings and on the glass itself. When you’re busy at work, it may not be the first thing on your mind – until you notice dirty, streaky glass speckled with pollen, tree needles and even seeds. 

Continued exposure to moldy and mildewy window frames and screens clogged with dust and pollen can even lower the immune system response, leaving you and your staff more susceptible to cold and flu bugs. Clean windows are a simple way to combat this issue.

Professional Window Cleaning Services as Part of Your Regular Scheduled Maintenance

At Mayfair Building Services, we’re dedicated to clean workplaces and we know that cleanliness goes beyond clean washrooms and carpets. For over 30 years, we’ve been beautifying the glass-scapes all around Greater Vancouver.

Our professional window cleaners have a very important job. Not only do they keep the outside of buildings clean, but they also play a role in keeping building occupants healthy. Window cleaning is an essential part of the day-to-day maintenance of any commercial property because it removes all this harmful dirt, grime, and other particulates that can build up on windows over time. Of course, it also leaves you with unobstructed views to enjoy.

How to Ensure Commercial Windows are as Clean as Possible

Commercial windows need to be washed regularly, and without the right equipment, this can be a grueling and back-breaking job.

The most common way of washing windows is by using scaffolding. The scaffolding is moved up the side of the building, with the window washer using a squeegee to wash the windows. Professional window cleaners use a special detergent and water mixture to clean windows. They typically don’t use soap and water because it leaves streaks on the windows.

What Kind of Tools Do Commercial Window Cleaners Use?

Commercial window cleaners use many different types of tools to do the job. Some of these tools include squeegees, sprayers, brushes, and scrapers. There are also many other methods to clean windows, including water guns, water tanks on top of buildings, and pressurized jets of water. Commercial cleaners also use brushes and scrapers to remove stuck on paint or dirt from the surface of the glass.

How Do Professional Window Cleaners Stay Safe?

This isn’t a job for those afraid of heights! Have you ever watched a commercial window cleaner at work? It’s like a carefully choreographed dance, designed to ensure safety at all times. A window washer’s job is not easy. They can be at risk of injury from falls, ladders and window glass. A window washer needs to work safely and efficiently to provide this service. They often have to climb up to the top of the high-rise building, 3-4 stories high, while wearing a harness tied off at the waist. 

Won’t the Rain Wash Away the Dirt and Debris on My Windows?

Not exactly. Pollen and dust granules are extremely sticky and rain by itself (even torrential Vancouver rain) can’t do a thorough job on dirty windows. It also can’t get the window screens and dirty frames/channels cleaned out, which is a big part of our commercial window cleaning service. Even if you have freshly clean windows, dirty screens and frames will still impact your view and let those allergens continue to hang out near your workspace.

Our specially trained window washers use special eco-friendly detergents to scrub the pollutants gently and effectively off the glass, leaving you with a sparkling clean that you can see and feel. Our eco-friendly Dustbane cleaning products are non-corrosive, non-fuming, ammonia-free, petroleum-free and of course, gentle on the surrounding environment.

I Have a Very Large Building. Can You Help?

Absolutely. We’re well-equipped for even the largest facilities, with extendable cleaning poles, Genie scissor lifts, boom lifts and of course, window washers who are bonded and trained in working on high-rise platforms. Among our many happy clients are large shopping centres, apartment and condo complexes, public and private schools and high-rise complexes. 

Window washing is something best left to the pros, which is why we encourage you to contact us to discuss a window washing schedule and a custom office cleaning program that best suits your workplace hours and needs. We also offer one-time window cleans for the occasional touch-up. When your windows are streaky and coated with dust and other debris, you can trust our team to leave them spotless. Reach out by phone or email today to book your consultation!